About us

We are not looking for Quality because we are standing on Quality.

Big Silver was established as a small company in 1993 in a part of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. With Italian machinery, updated technology and proper know-how: these fundamental factors make Big Silver worldwide accepted in the field of silver chain manufacturing. Today with high commitment to produce only quality 925 silver chains and findings, we become one of the leading manufacturer in the world with large scale production and over 450 items satisfying customers.

Big Silver feed only care-selected metal and the suitable alloy for our production. Utilizing resources with prompt delivery make us very competitive. Continuous improving in quality and well trained technicians allow the reliability of the products. We are not looking for Quality because we are standing on Quality.




Mr. Kwang Aiew set up silver grain business in Thailand which was how the company entered silver industry. With quality product and honesty, he gained trust and became widely recognized in the market.
Big Silver established as a silver chain manufacturer in a part of Bangkok.
Moved to new plant in Bangbon (2nd), Bangkok
Increase range of services for clients such as laser engraving and plating
The company decided to further expand our facility (3rd) in the same district due to overwhelming demand from our customers